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FS-A1GT email modem development cooperation request

 投稿者:小説Wings・香港版の江面雄二。メール  投稿日:2010年 9月21日(火)20時38分43秒
  In "FS-A1GT email modem development cooperation request" now, I do not need the reproduction, but it is the stage of the trial product, but the email modem which 10,000 people can cut is FS-A1GT correspondence, and does not cooperate with the development of the email modem as "the soldier of the email", "a soldier of the sakura" In all of the person of precedent release of "the soldier of the love", I will develop the email modem. By 江面雄二(Ezura Yuji)  


 投稿者:小説Wings・香港版の江面雄二。メール  投稿日:2010年 9月21日(火)19時41分15秒
  "Called the Windows of the half elf with "the soldier of the Sakura" who ever showed a sword of the light in an Ayame(アヤメ病院) and the Great War with the army corps with the Ann dead monster, and it was the hero who led the Great War to the end". After the Great War, the achievement is accepted, and I am invited as a captain of the knight corps in Japan of the remote country of the East Asia. However, there is prejudice, and the Windows of the half elf is betrayed from nursing delusions with the former Ayame(アヤメ病院) before long in the country, Japan by an elf, and is assassinated,; but, just before death, is immortal for oneself; cast a spell, and revive as a vampire posthumously. It was the Windows how it seemed whether I was defeated in Japan, but, as "a soldier of the Sakura of the darkness" who showed a sword of the darkness before long, I changed world of Satan into the army corps of the Ann dead monster and challenged the terrestrial world once. However, I came back to the good, and was wrapped up in the light that one's sword gave off, and it was it with ash, and the attribute of one's heart disappeared from the evil incidentally while I longed for a legend of the light from childhood called the Chinnon and fought against the youth who lived purely. "